Most children’s book authors and illustrators work in relative isolation. 

At conferences we catch up at the grim hotel bar and lament that there’s never time to do more. 

What if we built a place and made time? 



                                    – Milkwood Farm –


Surrounded by rolling hills, Milkwood Farm sits on 20+ acres of wildflower meadows and hardwood forest, with mossy stone walls and a meandering stream.

The dairy barn was built in the 1850s. Right now it is full of old straw and snow drifts. There are swallows' nests in the rafters. An old pair of overalls hangs from a peg, stiff with mud.

With "time, strength, cash and patience," I hope to turn it into a place where people can come together to write and draw, and think and walk, and talk and eat and drink. Writers and artists, editors and agents, too.

There will be a library with a fireplace and enormous picture windows. An industrial kitchen. A wood-fired pizza oven. A long, communal dining table in the massive hay loft. Bedrooms for twelve. Bathrooms for everyone. Studios for working or not-working. A hall to gather in. An outdoor pavilion. Possibly an observatory in one of the silos. Definitely a well-stocked bar.

We can spend the days sketching in the field. Writing with a view of the horizon. Fishing in the stream or reading, curled up with a cat. (Or a dog, or a goat.)

It’s a short drive to restaurants, Table on Ten or The Bull & Garland, to the antiquarian book shops in Hobart, to rivers and waterfalls and swimming holes.

In the evenings we’ll converge for dinner and drinks and conversation. And fireworks. Or at least a bonfire. 

There's lots of work to be done, but I hope you'll come. Will you come?


– Sophie Blackall



Kortright, NY


Summer, 2020



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Kortright, NY

Located West of the Catskills, about 3 hours from NYC

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